CValid: A Blockchain-based Credentialing System

A decentralised platform for managing, sharing, and validating education and employment qualifications. The tamper-proof credentialing system depicts the blueprint for future credentialing architecture.

For Lifelong Learners

A secure place to manage all of your education assets

Managing, sharing and verifying credentials empowered by Blockchain Technology

Education Check, Background Check, Reference Check

Recruiters’ Time-saver

Drive down the cost of recruitment. See the trustworthy results with one click

For Education Providers

CValid provides an efficient way to issue verifiable education credentials.

For Lifelong Learners

CValid provides a secure place to manage all of your education essets.

For Business Owners

CValid drives down the cost of recruitment and saves your screening time.

About Us

A Blueprint for Future Credentialing Infrastructure

CValid, a reliable and tamper-proof credentialing system for managing, sharing, and validating education and employment qualifications. CVallet depicts the blueprint for future credentialing architecture, accelerates the evolution of blockchain technology 3.0, and benefits broad social aspects while carrying out the social responsibility of addressing contemporary challenges in education credentialing and labour market recognition processes.

  • Immutability
  • Transparency
  • Self-soverignty
  • Privacy-preserving
  • Efficiency
  • Cost-saving
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Benefits for Learners

Have you experienced cumbersome procedure of getting certified credentials?

CValid allows individuals to have complete control over their education data

  • 01

    Manage Your Education Assets Securely

    Secure your credentials with a cryptographically guarded wallet

  • 02

    Access Your Credentials Anywhere Anytime

    Ensure timely access to your credentials no matter where you are

  • 03

    Easy Certifying

    Certify your documents without third party involvement


Benefits For Education Providers

The most secure and efficient way to issue and store certificates for graduates

  • 01

    Improve Operation Efficiency

    CValid offers a user-friendly tool for issuing digital and verifiable credentials, saving time and money compared to traditional credentials

  • 02

    Ensure Data Security

    CValid is built on decentralized blockchain network to avoid single point failure, which can best secure your learners’ records

  • 03

    Increase Education Reputation

    CValid prevents trust and security vulnerabilities from existing systems, ensure credentials’ authenticity and enhance your education reputation

Benefits for Business Owners

Cut Down Verification Cost

CValid allows your business to get rid of screening services and reduce recruitment budget. CValid ensures that all academic credentials, certificates, and badges you receive are official and originating with the issuing organization.

Improve Recruitment Efficiency

You can easily get the valid results of your employment candidates with just one click. CVallet provides a trustworthy and fault-tolerant verification tool for business organisations to improve their traditional recruitment efficiency.


How does it work?

CValid is built on Algorand blockchain with low fee and high transaction speed. It connects the institutions, learners and recruiters, making knowledge certificate management easier for everyone.


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2nd February 2023

ACE-SIP Summer School 2023

The 1st ACE-SIP Summer School will be held in Melbourne Australia from 2nd to 3rd Feb, 2023.

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8th December 2022

Best Paper Award in NSS 2022

Our most recent academic publication has received Best Paper Award in NSS conference 2022

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22 February

CVallet Technical Report Version1.0

CVallet technical report version 1.0 updated the most recent development stage

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